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Farmhouse on Lea Ibarra
Natural Energy Bengola
Natural Energy Bengola

Bengola, The Renewable Energies Park

Bengola is an ideal spot to enjoy some leisure time, whether individually, with friends, or as a family. The park contains the following features:

  • - The first two windmills in what is now the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • - A bridge made of COR-TEN weathering steel designed by a local sculptor called Ube. It is 12 metres long, 4 metres wide and 3.7 metres high.
  • - A sundial, located beside the interpretation panels.
  • - The Zen garden.
  • - A stage, also made of COR-TEN steel, with texts by several poets and singers.
  • - A garden-allotment.
  • - All these points are joined by a paved path that bears the name of the towns and villages that make up the District Council of Lea Ibarra.
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