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General Services and Planning:
Tel: 94 684 29 82
Fax: 94 684 44 21

The Welfare Committee:
Tel: 94 684 29 63
Fax: 94 684 44 22
Social Worker´s E-mail:
E-mail Administrative Assistant:

The Development Service:
Tel: 94 684 44 23
Fax: 94 684 30 77

Services: Duties and Aims

The Development Service

It is divided into two areas: industrial land and employment on the one hand, and the valley´s infrastructures on the other.

- Following the first aim of the Community, the Industrial Area of Okamika was launched in 1984; this way, the former utopia became a reality (over 400 jobs and around 30 companies today). Following the philosophy of its foundation, and as a result of an agreement with Gizaburuaga Council, this council gives 40% of the money produced by the industrial area to the Community, and this way funds are gathered for the development of Okamika. The Legamin research centre for new business projects is another outstanding achievement.

The AZARO foundation, created by Markina Council, the Lea-Artibai Teknik Eskola of Markina and the Town Community, is also remarkable. The technical school has a great influence on the region, and by using the industrial land of the area, it has allowed the development of new projects and the analysis of new proposals.

We can also mention the Employment Agreement with the Regional Council of Bizkaia, BBK and EUDEL, designed to create jobs.

- With regard to infrastructures, and although there may be few chances to carry them out, we have a number of challenges:

  • - To improve quality of life in the valley.
  • - To improve the roads.
  • - To expand and improve the TV and telephone coverage.
  • - To organise a sewage disposal net and a canalization which we can take advantage of.
  • - To open the valley to tourism without altering our identity.
  • - To create a company for technical maintenance and advice.

The Rubbish Collection Service:

  • - Collection in the five Towns, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.
  • - Collection in the neighbourhoods of Munitibar and Gizaburuaga, on Monday every week.
  • - Collection in the neighbourhoods of Amoroto, on Wednesday every week.
  • - During the summer, collection in the beach and camping site of Mendexa, in the Kurlutxu neighbourhood and in the Oleta neighbourhood of Amoroto.
  • - On the third Thursday of January, April, July and October, collection of unwanted items in Munitibar and Aulesti, and on the last Thursday in Gizaburuaga, Amoroto and Mendexa.
  • -There will be a collection of plastic items once a month for those farms who request it. It will be on the last Tuesday for the farms in Munitibar, Aulesti and Gizaburuaga, and on the last Friday for those in Amoroto and Mendexa.
    Added to that, there will be a special service for occasions such as the local fiestas.

The Housing Service:

The Architect offers technical aid and advice on the following hours:

  • - He is in the headquarters of the Community on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., to give advice or information to any inhabitant of the five Towns.
  • - On Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Mares, Councillors and Secretaries of the five Towns can see the Architect. He usually spends the mornings meeting representatives from Amoroto, Mendexa and Gizaburuaga, and the afternoons with those from Munitibar and Aulesti and doing office work.

The Welfare Committee:

The five municipalities´ Welfare Service is managed by the Basic Social Service of the Town Community of Lea Ibarra.

The service can be summarised as follows:

  • - It solves problems to do with senior citizens, mental health, broken families...
  • - It works with groups, especially with associations of senior citizens.
  • - It provides a housing service.
  • - It defends the law against social discrimination. This Law has two purposes:
    • a) A Minimum allowance for Social Integration.
    • b) Aids for those in serious need.

Cultural activities:

  • - The organization of a Children´s Day and cards championships.
  • - The Day of Lea Ibarra inhabitants.
  • - Squash Championships in the pelota courts of the Five Towns.
  • - A photography contest.
  • - The TXUTXUMUTXUKA small magazine and the JEURT magazine.
  • - To continue promoting the use of Basque and its standardization.

The Sewage Disposal Service:

In July 1998, an agreement was signed with the Water Consortium of Bilbao-Bizkaia for the treatment of sewage, and since then there is a service that empties and cleans the septic tanks of houses and farms.

The Administrative Service:

  • - It does the Accounts and manages the Budget of the five Towns.
  • - It manages the payslips of all those working in the five Towns, as well as dealing with social insurances and giving advice on the subject.
  • - It manages and prints the invoicesregarding the sewage system, road tax and other taxes.
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