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Legamin, Centre for new Business Projects
Legamin, Centre for new Business Projects

Economy of Lea Ibarra - Legamin Centre

Legamin Centre´s Logo

LEGAMIN Centre for New Business Projects
Okamikako Industrialdea, Pavilion 3, mod 6.
48289 Gizaburuaga
Tel: 94 684 30 778

Companies in Legamin Centre:

Companies in Legamin Centre for New Business Projects

Characteristics of Legamin Centre:

In 1999, with the financial help from the European Union and in collaboration with the Industrial Area of Okamika, the Town Community of Lea Ibarra opened a research centre to promote new business projects in the region. The centre was called LEGAMIN.

This non-profit-making centre is divided into four sub-units (of 75 or 150 m2 each), all equipped with the necessary installations to start working (sewage system, running water, lighting, air-conditioning etc). By means of a mezzanine, each sub-unit is fitted with an office (with furniture, basic computing equipment, telephone lines etc.); added to this, there are also some grouped services (changing rooms, toilets, meeting rooms etc). Thus, we have five units fitted out for possible new businesses (one of them fitted out for the field of agriculture and nutrition), which can start working right away (they only lack the appropriate machinery).

The projects approved by the research centre are given three years to develop into a company and to prove the success of the enterprise. After studying the viability of the project, the companies are free to start immediately in return of a low rent. After this three-year phase, they are given full aid to settle in Okamika like the rest of the businesses.

The main objective of this initiative is to boost industry and to develop new ideas in the area. The centre is open to all kinds of projects: agriculture and craftsmanship, research centres or laboratories, industrial projects, cultural and sports projects, services and management...

It is also possible to hire certain services, such as accountance and payslip services, photocopiers, binding.

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