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Economy of Lea Ibarra - Work Activity

Distribution of workers by sector

If we compare the data from the Lea Valley with the data from Bizkaia (Biscay) and the Lea-Artibai region, we will notice that there is hardly any difference: most of the people work in the tertiary sector and a minority in the building sector.

The primary sector.
It has always been very important, as the area is appropriate for this activity. There are many agricultural exploitations in the five towns, but young people consider it a secondary activity.
The secondary sector.
Most of the industry is settled in the Okamika area. Graphics, nutrition, rubber, carpentry, machine repair and distribution and iron production are the main activities.
Outside Okamika there are also companies of great importance for the valley, such as Burdinola (specializing in the manufacture of metallic furniture) and Erabil (specializing in the manufacture of cardboard boxes) in Amoroto.
As far as the tertiary sector is concerned, there is a big lack of it in the valley. The inhabitants must go to the neighbouring towns to do their shopping.

Workers Distribution by sectors:

Workers Distribution by sectors in Lea Ibarra.
Munitibar 23 40 11 75 149
Aulesti 18 93 23 101 235
Gizaburuaga 17 22 2 20 61
Amoroto 24 54 14 62 154
Mendexak 14 29 14 48 105
Lea Ibarra 96 238 64 306 704
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