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Gizaburuaga Lekeitio Route.

Departing from Eleizalde, we will go to Akuiola following the sign of rural tourism.

Turning left at the first junction we will arrive at Goio farm. From here we will go to Bolu farm and reach Abitta, and then we will go to the road to Lekeitio.

Along this road we will find route Gr 38.1 and we will go to Lekeitio following the signs.


Gizaburuaga-Amoroto Route

From Akuiola farm in the Odiaga neighbourhood of Amoroto we will arrive to the town centre of Amoroto.

It is a very steep route, but we will be able to see many beautiful farms.

From Gizaburuaga to Ispaster.

From Gizaburuaga to Ispaster Route

We will go from Eguen on the highway Munitibar-Lekeitio to the industrial area of Okamika.

Here we take the path to Ispaster.

We will see the Ugaritza, Eguen Goikoa, Eguen Behekoa and Eguen Erdikoa farms.

Through Gizaburuaga.

Through Gizaburuaga

After visiting Santa Katalina´s church in Eleizalde we will go to the chapel of Oibar, which is next to the river.

Then we will see the bridge and the tower of Bengolea, and from here we will head towards the industrial area of Okamika.


Gizaburuaga-Oiniz-Iluntzar Route

After leaving the industrial area of Okamika in the Munitibar-Lekeitio road, we will go to Gizaburuaga and take the minor road to see Ugaritza farm.

We will also see Eguen Goiko, Eguen Beheko and Eguen Erdiko farms.

Walking along the river.

Walking along the river

There is also the possibility of walking along the river.

Fishing is very popular in Gizaburuaga.

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