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From Zelaia through Baurdo to the Coastal road.

From Zelaia through Baurdo to the Coastal road.

We will start this trip in the Zelaia neighbourhood of Mendexa, taking the road to the Iturreta neighbourhood at the junction.

After leaving Iturreta, we will reach Telleria through a hill called Ardikei, and finally, after crossing a vineyard, we will arrive at Baurdo, the place where the sea and the hills meet.

If we continue our journey, we will end up in the coastal road, and from there we will be able to go to Ondarroa or to Lekeitio.

This route is avery steep. Many people do it by car.

A different way to get from Zelaia to the Coastal road.

A different way to get from Zelaia to the Coastal road

It is a different way to get to the coastal road. We will depart from Zelaia.

Following the sign, we will take the road to Ondarroa and reach an area called Ametzela.

From there we can go down to the rocks.

From the Leagi camping site to Leagi Tower .

From the Leagi camping site to Leagi Tower

We will leave our car at the camping site´s car park and start walking. It is a relaxing trip of about a kilometer, with almost no slopes. The views are amazing.

From the camping site itself we can see Lekeitio and the sea. On our way we will find magnificent farms such as Gaspar, Aldeko, Aurreko, Santiagoneko, Sebasti˝e and many others. If we follow the road to town, we will find a beautiful cross.

From Leagi Tower we can see the town of Amoroto.
Sebastian farm sells farm products and home-made cider.

From Isuntza bridge to Ondarroa.

From Isuntza bridge to Ondarroa

It is a quiet place and the route can be done on foot or by bike.

Many people do it, and it takes about 3 hours on foot.

Another option is to go for a walk in Karraspio beach.

From Zelaia to Likona.

From Zelaia to Likona

Following the road in front of the rural tourism farm in Zelaia (Mendexa), we will turn left when we arrive at Iturraspe farm, taking a path and ending up in the coast after walking along the right side of Pauko hill.

To the left, 500 meters away, we will see the Endai camping site. From here we can go to Likona through the hills.

Continuing ahead we would arrive at Lekeitio. This route cannot be done by car.

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