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Aulesti Festival

Aulesti - Feasts and Celebrations

San Bizente (January 22nd):

A special day in Narea neighbourhood. The celebrations are on the following Sunday: mass, children´s games, cards championships, festivals, chocolate drinking....

San Blas (February the 3rd):

It is the feast of Elizatxu chapel and public holliday in Goikale street. On that day there is mass at the chapel, blessings... The rest of the celebrations happen on the following Saturday: children´s games, accordeon players, a festival...


It is quite a recent fiesta. It is celebrated on the Carnival Sunday. There is a passacaglia with a brass band at around 11 a.m., a popular lunch, a pig chase, fancy dresses...

San Juan (June the 24th):

The celebrations include San Juan´s bonfires, a brass band, a tale writing contest, rural sports, accordeon players, briska championships, pelota matches...

Maria Madalena (July the 23rd):

It is an special day in Urriola. The celebrations are on the following Saturday. They include a mass, accordeon players, a catapult contest, cards championships and a festival.

San Lorentzo (August the 10th):

Special day in the Zubero neighbourhood. There is mass, a paella contest, contests between the neighbours...

San Juan Burumoztua (August the 29th):

The day of St John beheaded is celebrated in the chapel, in the Ibarrola neighbourhood. There is also a triathlon, a mus championship, a children´s party and a festival.

Santa Eufemi (September the 16th):

It is usually celebrated with a mass in Santa Eufemia´s chapel in Urregarai. There is another mass on the following Sunday, and afterwards there is a fun run from the field to the chapel, an irrintzi (traditional Basque loud and long cry) contest, a rock festival...

San Martin (November the 11th):

It is an special day in the Malats neighbourhood. The feast is celebrated on the following Saturday, with a mass, children´s games, cards championships, a festival....

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