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Gizaburuaga - Places of Historical and Cultural Interest

The Bengolea tower house

The Bengolea tower house

The whole of the Bengolea neighbourhood is outstanding as far as architecture is concerned. The Bengolea tower is, though, the most significant building.

It is a baroque palace with a bridge as an access.

The watermill and the forge next to the water reservoir are also amazing.

The forge and the dam of Bengolea

The forge and the dam of Bengolea.

It is a complex hydraulic system. This double forge is formed by a huge coal yard, many rooms to store veins and billets, stables, three flour mills, a reservoir and a bridge with two spans. A single column holds the ceiling. From the technological point of view it is the most complex forge in the Basque Country.

It was probably one of the most important pre-industrial factories. The owner of the compound, Pedro Bernardo Villarreal de Berriz, remodeled most of it in the beginning of the XVIIIth century. The dam of Bengola is different from those in the area; it has a single central arch, and a straight facade.

Antzubi mill in Gizaburuaga has two arches, and the one in Olaeta three.

The Errotatxu Dam

The Errotatxu Dam.

This beautiful place is in a narrow passage of the valley. On kilometer 46 of the road we will find a gothic bridge, and crossing it a mill and an ashlar reservoir with a straight gravity dike.

To enjoy the area in all its splendour it is recommended to visit it on a sunny day.

Andra Mari´s chapel in Oibar

Andra Mari´s chapel in Oibar.

This baroque chapel is near Bengolea.

It was rebuilt in 1752, and has a very elegant appearance, specially because of its cubic shape.

The parish of Santa Katalina

The parish of Santa Katalina.

It is of gothic-renaissance style, built in the XVIth century.

Its bell tower dates from 1815. The clock on the wall goes back to 1914.

Other outstanding farms

Leixardi and Eresatorre Farm.

Leixardi farm

It is believed to be the oldest farm in Gizaburuaga, and it stands in the Lariz neighbourhood.

It has a portico with arches, and a narrow gothic entrance (it was probably the door to the stables in the past).

The facade was rebuilt in 1746.

Other outstanding farms

Eresatorre, It was built in 1777 (bottom picture).

  • - Ugaritxa (1773)
  • - Okamika Goikoa (1837)
  • - Eguen Bekoa
  • - Ezuneta
  • - Lariz
  • - Arrangiz Bekoa

The Lariz neighbourhood

Urgitxi Farm.

In Lariz and Errekako farms we will see traditional arch porticoes. Antzina mill is in front of these two farms. The following farms are also interesting:

Lariz-Oleta farm. There is a mill close to the reservoir.

Urgitxi farm. An underground river with the same name runs through this area, and although its name ("Littlewater") may indicate the opposite, it is one of the biggest rivers in the area.

Eresa farm. Next to it stands the reservoir which used to supply the old forge and mill with water. There are no traces of either of them nowadays.


Caves in Gizaburuaga.

Kalzaburu cave
On the Lekeitio-Gizaburuaga road, we must turn left to go to the Lariz neighbourhood. Going past it, we will walk about 600 meters up Kalzaburu hill and find a shepherd´s hut. Entering the wood next to it, we will see some limestone hills. Kalzaburu cave is in one of them. The entrance is about 10 meters wide.

Txotxinkoba cave
It is also in Lariz. To get there we must walk another 150 meters up the hill past Kalzaburu cave. It is an area of difficult access, full of dense undergrowth. The entrance is 3 meters high and 1,9 meters wide. There are graves in the narrow gallery.

The cave of Okamika
It is close to the industrial area of Okamika, about 50 meters away from the road. It has three entrances. The main one is also the exit of an underwater river, and it is 4 meters wide and 3 meters high.

Other Caves
There are many caves in Gizaburuaga. Although they have no archaeological value, we will name a few of them: the cave of Ezuneta, Leakobo, Sorginiturri, Urgitxi, Oibar, Lariz, Kobundo and Larrai.

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