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Pigs in a hamlet
City Council of Mendexa
Pelota Court in Mendexa

Mendexa - Municipal Services

Mendexa Council:

Zelaia Auzoa,1 , 48289 Mendexa (Bizkaia)
Tel: 94 684 21 06
Fax: 94 684 02 11

Sports and Culture:

There is a covered pelota court and a probaleku (a special stone-paved location for oxen weight pulling competitions) in Zelaia neighbourhood.
The senior citizens´ association has a small hall, but it is used as a gastronomical club.

Sport Events:
- Pelota championships in august.
- Senior Pelota championships in spring.
- Horse and mule weight pulling competitions.
Cultural Events ekintzak:
In 2008 begins to organize the cultural program, with the help of the Kuku-Habixa Association, Mendexa Council and culture department of Bizkaiko foru Aldundia.
The main activities are organized:

  • - Mountain walks.
  • - Dance Courses.
  • - Theater.
  • - Handball courses for children.
  • - Cultural events.
  • - Literature Championship.


There are four associations in Mendexa:

  • - Seniors Association.
  • - Kuku-Habixa, Culture Association.
  • - Gerika, Hunting Association.
  • - Verses and Sports Group.

Resting Areas, Parks and Playgrounds:

There is a nice resting area in Karraspio beach (tables and chairs, drinking water...). There are also bars and toilets in the summer.

The playgrounds of Leagi and Endai camping sites.

The park and resting area of Zelaia. It is in the town centre, next to the church, the pelota court, the town hall and the Herriko taberna. There are benches, tables and drinking water. It is in the shade.

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