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The Population´s Evolution Population´s Evolution in Mendexa

Mendexa - Population

Mendexa has the highest population density in the valley: 49,5 inhabitants per km². That is, Mendexa doubles Aulesti´s population density, and almost trebles Munitibar´s. But as far as daily life is concerned, this data cannot be considered real: many of those who appear in Mendexa´s census in fact live in Lekeitio; they chose Mendexa as a dormitory town in view of the scarcity and expensiveness of the properties in Lekeitio.

There are 434 people living in Mendexa. It has an area of 6,69 km² and is divided into four neighbourhoods: Iturreta, Leagi, Likona and Zelaia. The last one is the town centre.

Inhabitants according to the neighbourhoods in Mendexa:

Population during the years 1992,1999 and 2008 in Mendexa
1992 1999 2008
Zelaia 88 99 146
Iturreta 71 56 65
Leagi 56 42 63
Likona 127 145 160
Total 342 342 434
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