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Isuntza Bridge in Mendexa
Lea Valley
Lea Ibarra - Location and Roads:

Lea Valley - The Best Way to get Lea Ibarra

- Through the A-8 Motorway:
Durango (or Ermua)-Markina-Plazakola-Oleta.

If you come through the motorway, leaving it in Ermua or Durango is the best option. In both cases we will head towards Markina, after going through the span mountain pass of Trabakua. Once in Markina there are different options, but the best one is to take the road to Ondarroa and, before reaching Berriatu, to go to the Milloi neighbourhood from the point indicating the way to Lekeitio. Through Milloi you will reach the Ugaran neighbourhood of Amoroto, or Oleta. Once there, you will be able to go to Gizaburuaga, Aulesti and Munitibar by taking the road on the left, and to Mendexa and Lekeitio by taking the road on the right.

- Markina-Aulesti and Markina-Munitibar.

There are two more possibilities of getting to Aulesti and to Munitibar, but they are not as recommendable, although they offer great views. The first is the road to Aulesti, which you can take by following the signalled road to the left as you approach Markina. This road goes across the Lekoiz mountain pass, and following it you will get straight to Aulesti.
The second option is to turn left at the junction of Bolibar before reaching Markina; you will reach Aulesti after going past Iruzubieta and Bolibar.

Other ways to get to Lea Ibarra:

- The coast road.

In this case, after coming from San Sebastian to Deba through the motorway, you must leave it in this town, and going along the coast you will find Mutriku and then Ondarroa. Once there you have two options:

1- To go towards Berriatu, and to turn right (taking the road to Lekeitio) after passing the town. Thus you will arrive at the Munitibar-Lekeitio road.

2- To take the coastal road to Lekeitio from Ondarroa. This road has many bends, but it runs along the seaside and the views are wonderful. When you arrive in Lekeitio you will see the road to Mendexa, and in order to reach the other four towns you only have to take the road to the valley once you go across Lekeitio.

- Zornotza-Gernika-Munitibar.

After reaching Zornotza through the motorway, you must take the road to Gernika. After passing Gernika take the road to Arratzu, and you will go straight to Munitibar. There you can take the main road of Lea Ibarra and go to the five towns.

- From the Viewpoint of Biscay: Zornotza-Zugaztieta-Munitibar.

For those who want to see nice places without rushing, we recommend starting the journey at the Viewpoint of Biscay; to get there you must leave the motorway in Zornotza, take the road to Gernika and turn right on the junction (towards Zugaztieta) after going down Autzagane. Going across the Viewpoint of Biscay you will find magnificent views all the way to Munitibar.

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